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Pacific Round Int’l trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Pacific Round”), founded at the beginning of 2009, is a trading company with the export and import business right approved by the State Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Committee. Through recent several years of development, Pacific Round’s network of customers has already covered more than 20 countries and regions overseas, meanwhile established overseas marketing subsidiary companies in some countries overseas.

In the development process of Pacific Round, the categories of products have become increasingly perfect, and gradually the products system has been formed that has the main products of building materials, electronic, daily-use light industrial goods and the subsidiary products of hardware tools, cosmetics, infantile goods, fittings for motorcycles and automobiles. Also the company has had a large group of suppliers developing together.   

Pacific Round, in the early period of its establishment, mainly developed the Algeria  and Middle East market by the general trade form, gradually progressing in difficulties, and based on the honest operation, Pacific Round has step by step set up its good prestige in a great number of customers. Pacific Round has also won its status in the Algeria and Middle East market which establishes the material and experience foundation for the company’s further exploitation of the African market. 

Pacific Round, in its rapid development process, has had its annual average growth rate of export sales kept at 50% or so, and realized the simultaneous increase of export sales and operation profits. In the future Pacific Round will continue to base itself on overseas markets and carry out the brand strategy. Also, based on the African market to gradually expand in the world market, it will establish Pacific Round’s chain sales channel and brand system and overall enhance Pacific Round’s competitive power.

In the outlook of the future, Pacific Round has the development goal - by unceasingly increasing the enterprise’s internationalized operation capability and competitive power - to make the company progress vigorously and turn into a large-size transnational trade group company, and become the Chinese commodity-circulation enterprise continuously leading in the global emerging market.


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